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It is a time- and instance-proven fact that employees work harder and stay longer at jobs where they are recognized for their dedication and hard work. And one of the best ways for you, as an employer, to do so is a Length of Service program like our Milestones™ Program.

The benefits to you include:

Employee dedication

Employee loyalty

Employee satisfaction

Employee longevity

Employee referrals

Tax benefits

The benefits to your employees include:

Recognition for hard work and dedication

An enjoyable work place environment

Rewards for longevity

How the Milestones™ Program Works:

  1. A database of all Company employees, their employment start date, social security number, employee ID#, if not already created, is built to drive the trigger mechanism for the Milestones™ program.

  2. You, the Company, determine at what levels of longevity rewards will be issued to employees. For example, 5-year increments (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, etc.). However, we also recommend a small reward at the 1st Anniversary. The recognition award at the first anniversary will deliver a message to your employees that you care that they are a part of your TEAM. It will also serve as the motivation to reach the next level of longevity recognition.

  3. At the employee anniversary date a letter from your Company President (Chairman, CEO, etc.) to the employee will be automatically generated to recognize their accomplishment and to let them know their reward options. A sample of a letter is included within this document.

  4. Employees will then select the award option of their choice from the value level they have achieved. Award options should never be “cash” as cash is considered compensation and not recognition.

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